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High Schooler Asks Emma Stone To Prom with La La Land Recreation

A high school has set his sights on taking Emma Stone to prom with a recreation of the opening scene from 'La La Land'.

With the help of his friends and film teacher, Jacob Staudenmaier dances his way through his own take on 'Another Day of Sun' to ask the Oscar winner to join him.

The 17-year-old Arcadia High School student tries to woo Stone, who grew up in Arizona, with promises of Olive Garden and his "far-fetched" resemblance to Ryan Gosling.

"I need a date to prom," he begins. "I should have done it earlier. But now I'll sing this song. I think I'm kind of freaking out. This song took so much time. And I’m finding this real hard to rhyme. It's fine, I'm fine."

The end of the video features him holding a bouquet of white flowers as his friends hold up signs reading "Prom?" behind him.

April 6, 2017 |

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