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'He-Man' To Be Listed On Florida Senate Election Ballot

'He-Man' will be on the Florida Senate election ballot.

This after Christian 'He-Man' Schlaerth qualified for the special election in Senate District 40.

That's exactly how his name will appear on the ballot after he provided a sworn affidavit confirming that's the name he's gone by for years.

"In rugby tradition, we have nicknames. Your teammates usually give it to you," Schlaerth tells the Miami Herald. When he joined the University of Miami's college team, "I showed up to practice, and I was the biggest, strongest guy on the team at the time."

Hence, his teammates decided to call him 'He-Man' and the name stuck.

"It's how I get introduced to people a lot. My campaign manager, he didn't know my name was Christian for the first six weeks I knew him."

His campaign manager, David Neil Jones, also filed an affidavit backing up the claim.

"I was introduced to him as 'He-Man', call him by that nickname and can affirm that he is generally known by that nickname," Jones said.

June 1, 2017 |

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