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Heather Mills' 'Naked Spray Tans' Reason To Sue For Nanny

Paul McCartney's ex-wife Heather Mills is being sued by her nanny for allegations of sex discrimination, intimidation and naked spray tans.

A case has been filed against the former model by Sara Trumble, alleges that she was forced to go above and beyond her role as a nanny, often had to work through the night, and even had to regularly give Heather Mills' naked spray tans for her "bronze glow."

Trumble resigned in September and, after an argument with Heather, refused to work through her notice period. She has now filed a constructive dismissal claim with an employment tribunal.

A spokesperson for Heather, who has refused to settle the case out of court, tells Britain's 'Mirror': "Heather is devastated that Sara, who Heather considered a part of her family, should choose to level these accusations at her. This claim will be vigorously defended. Heather is baffled and hurt. These are unsubstantiated accusations."

Sources close to Mills tell the paper she is expected to defend herself by saying Sara was employed as a housekeeper, to handle all sorts of tasks, not just as a nanny, and that she was showered with gifts including a car, and even went on holidays with the family.

Holidays with the family for a nanny makes sense but a housekeeper? The two parties have roughly a month to reach a settlement or the case will be proceed to court.

It's also worth mentioning that Mills' longtime publicist Michele Elyzabeth also quit earlier this year saying she simply couldn't deal with Mills any longer: "I quit, I just quit."

"I couldn't take it any more. She's a little maniac, that's what she is. You know I worked for free because she told me she had no money. She owes me three years of work."

December 31, 2008 |

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