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Halle Berry Tried To Get Pregnant 'Around The Clock'

Halle Berry (photosHalle Berry photos) made an appearance Tuesday on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' and talked about how difficult it was for her to get pregnant.

Halle said she and boyfriend Gabriel Aubry kept trying to get pregnant but it wouldn't happen: "So there was a lot of staying home and doing what you do. Like, all the time, around the clock."

"Finally, after about 35 tests, we finally got a positive test," she said in one of her first interviews since announcing she was pregnant.

When Oprah asked whether she knew the sex of the baby, she replied: "There's so few genuine surprises in life anymore that, why not have a huge surprise? And I like fantasizing one day it's a girl, one day it's a boy."

Halle said she and her boyfriend of two years, Aubry, don't plan to marry: "I feel more married, in a way, than I ever have in two marriages before. He really understands the spiritual connection is so much more important than the paper and the pomp and circumstance and the ceremony."

Before the interview concluded, she added that one thing she does plan on doing is having another child: "There's just one right now. But we're hoping, right after this one, to do it again."

Wow, 35 'tries' before the first pregnancy, how many for the second? Gabriel Aubry must be loving his luck.

October 3, 2007 |

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