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'Glee' Plans All-Madonna Song Lineup Episode

Madonna has granted 'Glee' rights to her entire catalog, reports 'Entertainment Weekly'.

Creator Ryan Murphy says that an all-Madonna episode is in the works for next year. Murphy also teases that producers will be approaching 'American Idol' runner up Adam Lambert about appearing on the show.

After all, 'Glee' will be paired with powerhouse 'Idol' on Wednesday nights when it returns.

The development highlights that artists are taking notice of the show with its cover songs regularly finding their way to the iTunes charts.

Meanwhile, Joss Whedon, who directed the popular 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' musical episode, will be heading to 'Glee' for an episode.

Whedon, who is fan of the Fox show, says: "I'm going to do my best not to gush like a fanboy for eight straight days on set. I just want to work with good people on a show that I like enough to have watched every episode several times."

His other show, the ratings challenged 'Dollhouse', which is once again on the brink of cancellation will be going on hiatus in November. The remaining season two episodes, which Fox has already promised it will air, will be broadcast in back to back weeks in December.

"Trying not to be depressed," Miracle Laurie, who plays November, tells us. "Get anyone you can convince to watch Dollhouse live this Friday, because we won't be back till December. The upside is that when they finally start airing, at least you'll get new back to back episodes every Friday for 3 weeks. Thinking positive."

October 22, 2009 |

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