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Gary Coleman Suffers Seizure on 'The Insider' Set

Gary Coleman suffered a seizure on the set of 'The Insider' on Friday and received immediate treatment from Dr. Drew Pinsky, who also happened to be on set.

Coleman was quickly transported to a Los Angeles area hospital and is said to now be in stable condition.

Pinsky was sitting next to the actor when he suffered a seizure.

It is the second time in a month that Coleman has ended up in hospital. The 42-year-old was briefly hospitalized last month after he suffered, what he called, "seizure activity."

Why would a visit to 'The Insider' trigger a seizure? If you saw Coleman's last visit to the set a couple of weeks ago, the answer is apparent.

Coleman walked off the set after a heated discussion with members of the panel. He was being interviewed about his about his domestic violence arrest in Utah last year when he blew up.

"So f--k all of you. F--k you," Coleman said as he walked off set.

March 1, 2010 |

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