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French Rocker Johnny Hallyday In Induced Coma After Surgery

French rock star Johnny Hallyday has been put into a medically induced coma at a Los Angeles hospital after a botched operation in Paris.

Hallyday's publicist says he is expected to recover and be discharged next week. But that is doing little to pacify fans of the performer.

The French surgeon who operated on him to relieve a herniated disc, is now facing the wrath of fans in Paris. The BBC reports that Stephane Delajoux was punched and kicked by at least two hooded men as he left the home of a friend.

"Dr Delajoux was attacked extremely violently in the sight of his children," lawyer David Koubbi tells AFP. "He is suffering from a chest injury. He was punched one or more times and kicked as he lay on the ground."

He is also refuting claims that Delajoux was the one who created complications for the singer and says the operation "went perfectly" and the test results afterwards were "normal". Koubbi says his client is "outraged" by the attacks on his professionalism.

"Feelings are running high because of the complications which followed the operation. We are looking for the two attackers," says a police spokesperson. "Whether there's a link or not, the man hunt that he's faced over the last 24 to 48 hours has been despicable."

"After he had woken up, the doctors preferred putting him in an artificial coma to prevent him from suffering and getting tired, and thus to make the treatment easier," reads a statement on Hallyday's official website.

Known as 'the French Elvis,' the 66-year-old is France's biggest rock star, though he is little known outside of Europe. He has sold more than 100 million records and completed about 400 tours.

December 14, 2009 |

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