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Fox Sports Chairman Wants Shorter NASCAR Races

Fox Sports chairman David Hill is calling for shorter NASCAR races.

Hill says he would like to see the races shortened to fit into a three-hour broadcast window and cited the fourth race hour as one of the biggest problems behind dropping television ratings.

"I think the racing is far too long," Hill explained during Charlotte Motor Speedway's annual media tour. "There is more diversion, more opportunities for stuff than any other time in man's history."

"I really think they are trying," he added. "I like them all, they are fantastic. They do know they have problems, and they are trying very hard to fix them. It's tough."

Hill also questioned why races were sometimes being held opposite NFL games came.

"Why wouldn't you run races on Saturday nights and not against football?" he asked.

Hill said Fox, which holds rights to the first thirteen events of the season, would watch ratings closely over the next few seasons to determine how aggressively it pursues a new contract.

He said ideally Fox would be like to air events in a four-hour window, with 40 minutes of pre-race coverage, 20 minutes of post-race coverage and 3 hours of racing in between.

January 25, 2011 |

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