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Fox Mocks 'Fringe's Move To Friday 'Deathslot' In New Promo

Ever since Fox announced that it was moving 'Fringe' to Friday nights, fans have been wondering if it means the beginning of the end for the drama.

"It's not like Fox is saying to us: 'We're falling out of love with the show. We're burning it off by moving it to Friday,'" explains executive producer Jeff Pinkner. "For a year and half now, we've been asking and our fans have been asking to take us off Thursday because the landscape is crowded. The research shows that people love the show, but they don't really want to watch it on Thursday night."

"Thursday is more of a romantic comedy kind of night, not a hard science fiction night. We hope our fans follow us to Friday night. It's a much easier marketplace, and Fox is going to really support it; they think there's a real opportunity to reinvent the night."

"They think we have a better chance at staying on the air for years to come, which, of course, is what we want, because by design, we have years of story left to tell."

The network has even put out a promo mocking the idea of Friday evenings being a 'deathslot':

December 17, 2010 |

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