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Four Actors Join Eliza Dushku In Joss Whedon's Upcoming 'Dollhouse'

Four actors have joined the cast of 'Buffy' creator Joss Whedon's new series 'Dollhouse'.

'Dollhouse' revolves around a young woman, Echo (Eliza Dushku (photosEliza Dushku photos)), who is one of a group of men and women that can be imprinted with personality packages, including memories, skills, language and even muscle memory for different assignments. The assignments can be anything from romantic, adventurous, outlandish, uplifting, to very dangerous.

When not imprinted with a personality package, Echo and the others are mind-wiped, living like children in a futuristic dorm/lab dubbed the Dollhouse, with no memory of their assignments or much else -- until Echo begins to try to find out who she was.

The actors announced to have joined the cast of the sc-fi drama are Tahmoh Penikett of 'Battlestar Galactica' fame, who will play an FBI field agent obsessed with the 'myth' of Dollhouse; Fran Kranz, who will play a genius programmer responsible for imprinting the dolls, and Dichen Lachman and Enver Gjokaj, who will play two of the dolls.

As we said when we first heard about the concept back in November, the series presents an interesting concept, sort of 'Alias' meets 'John Doe', with a possibility for something fresh every week.

If everything goes according to plan, it's slated to air in the upcoming fall season on Fox.

March 27, 2008 |

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