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Forbes: Matt Damon Delivers Hollywood's Best Bang For Buck

Hollywood studios routinely shell out huge paychecks for big name stars but they worth it? In Forbes' first-ever list of 'Ultimate Star Payback', they figure out which movie stars deliver Hollywood's best bang for the buck.

And the results may surprise you. Turns out Matt Damon, the leading man in the 'Bourne' series, is Hollywood's best investment. For every dollar Damon got paid for his last three roles, his films returned $29 of gross income.

And, surprisingly, former Friends star Jennifer Aniston (photosJennifer Aniston photos) is Hollywood's most profitable actress, despite some of her flops. For ever dollar Aniston was paid for her last three major roles, her films on average returned $17 of gross income.

To calculate their payback figures, Forbes added up the film's worldwide box office and US DVD revenues, then subtracted the budget for each film to derive net revenue, and compared that to the actor's pay for the project.

Damon earned the top spot mainly through his role in the Bourne trilogy.

Brad Pitt was second on the list, with a gross income return of $24 for each dollar. And tying for third place were Johnny Depp and Vince Vaughn with $21. Surprisingly, Tom Hanks' gross income of $12 is half that of Damon's, and Tom Cruise and Leonardo Dicaprio check in right behind him with $11.

Jennifer Aniston was the top actress on the list with a gross income return of $17. Interestingly, Angelina Jolie (photosAngelina Jolie photos), ranked lower with $15, and Reese Witherspoon and Sandra Bullock (photosSandra Bullock photos) followed with $14 and $13 respectively.

They said the biggest disappointments of the list were funnymen Adam Sandler at $9 and Will Ferrell and Jim Carrey with only $8 each--which is near the bottom.

Although that could be because traditionally American comedies don't translate well to foreign audiences, and earn much less overseas than American movies.

August 7, 2007 |

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