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First Photo Of Andrew Garfield As Spider-Man Shows Wrist Web-Shooters

Sony has released its first photo of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man.

And alongwith the new look suit, the image also reveals that the superhero won't be able to shoot webs organically, like in the films starring Tobey Maguire.

Instead, in the reboot, Peter Parker will wear shooters on his wrists that will give him the ability to shoot webs -- much like in the original comics.

At the Golden Globes, Emma Stone, who plays Gwen Stacy, confirmed the metal discs on his inner wrists were "a device."

As for Garfield taking over the role, director Mark Webb says: "He has a rare combination of intelligence, wit and humanity. Mark my words, you will love Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker."

January 18, 2011 |

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