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Fire Destroys Buildings, Movie Sets At Universal Studios

A fire that damaged numerous buildings and iconic movie sets forced Universal Studios to shut down its popular theme park for the day on Sunday after nearly 12 hours of burning.

Rougly 500 firefighters battled the blaze, which caused no fatalities but left 9 firefighters injured. The blaze destroyed five structures on the New York Street sets used in various movies and television shows, the famous Courthouse Square (which houses the Clock Tower) from 'Back to the Future' and the 'King Kong' attraction. Early reports said that the Clock Tower was completely destroyed, but we now have confirmation that it's only slightly damaged.

Fortunately for the studio, it has copies of the reels that were destroyed. Some of the contents of a second vault holding master copies of older and classic movies were also salvaged so nothing irreplaceable has been lost. Most of the damaged buildings and sets will also be rebuilt based on the original blueprints.

You can see video of the blaze during the early hours of Sunday below:

The cause of the fire is under investigation with damage expected to be in the millions of dollars, but Universal expects to be able to return to some sort of normal operations on Monday.

June 2, 2008 |

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