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Family Forensics Expert Says David Carradine Didn't Commit Suicide

The forensics expert hired by David Carradine's family has concluded that the actor did not commit suicide, but that more information is needed from Thai investigators before the cause of death can be determined.

"The autopsy findings and the evidence thus far available demonstrate that Mr. Carradine's death was not the result of suicide," Dr. Michael Baden said in a statement released through AP.

"However, to reach a final determination as to the cause and the manner of death we must wait for further information from Thailand as to the scene findings and the completion of the crime laboratory and toxicology studies that are still being performed."

"The autopsy is only part of the analysis," he said.

In their first appearance since their older brother was found hanging in a closet inside his Bangkok hotel room last week, Keith and Robert Carradine discussed the results with reporters and asked that people give them privacy until their half-brother is buried, and all the evidence has been examined.

"Until we have all of the pending results of the investigation we respectfully ask that we be allowed to lay our beloved brother, husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather to rest in peace and with dignity," said Robert Carradine. "Once the investigation is fully completed and definitive conclusions have been reached, we will address the findings with the public."

"This is a devastating loss for our family, and we greatly appreciate the compassion pouring in from all over the world," Keith Carradine said.

Although police initially believed the 'Kill Bill' star committed suicide, they later said it could have been a sex play accident as the actor's body was found nude, with ropes around his neck and genitals.

However, a crime scene photo that showed Carradine's hands tied together has raised questions about whether there could have been foul play involved.

Meanwhile, Spike TV has announced that it will air a marathon of some of Carradine's iconic movie roles including 'Kill Bill' and 'Kung Fu Killer' this Saturday.

June 12, 2009 |

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