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Expert Says Jackson's Death An 'Expected Outcome' With Murray

A well known anesthesiologist, who wrote the packaging insert for propofol, has testified that Michael Jackson's death should have been an "expected outcome" with his doctor not equipped to revive him.

"An anesthesiologist is responsible for driving, just like driving a motor home," explained Steven Schafer. "You are the driver, you are responsible. Dr. Murray left the steering wheel."

"In 25 years of giving anesthesia, I have never walked out of the room while a patient was under. Doctors don't do that. Mr. Jackson's death is an expected outcome from not continuously monitoring the patient."

"The facts in this case, in my view, virtually none of the safeguards were in place when propofol was administered to Mr. Jackson. The complication from overdose is death. This is an egregious violation. The lack of an infusion pump contributed to the death of Michael Jackson."

"Dr. Murray should have acted like a doctor the first time Michael had said, 'I need propofol to sleep,' Dr. Murray would have said, 'You have a sleep disorder and you need to be evaluated by a sleep doctor. I am not giving you anything.'"

Schafer especially couldn't believe that Murray telephoned Jackson's personal assistant and left a voice mail message long before he called 911.

"That is so egregious that I actually find it difficult to comprehend. You have a patient who has been arrested and you call and leave a voice message for someone? That is so completely and utterly inexcusable. Dr. Murray was quite clueless as to what to do."

Murray claims that he was trying to wean Jackson off propofol with "only" 25mg dose of the drug, and that he left Jackson's side for only two minutes to go to the bathroom.

The defense is expected to present its 15 witnesses starting on Friday and wrap up by next Wednesday.

If convicted, Dr. Conrad Murray could receive up to four years in prison.

October 20, 2011 |

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