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Eva Mendes Tells Story Of 'Mortifying' Text To Young Friend

Eva Mendes (photosEva Mendes photos) tells Conan O'Brien about an encouraging text to a young friend that ended up becoming "mortifying."

"A few days ago what happened was, I have this kid friend, I call him little David," began Mendes.

"Every year he writes this play and I'm in it and it's wonderful. And he's a great young aspiring writer. And you know, he's a doll."

"Anyhow, I often times in the middle of the night, I like to send inspiring texts, I guess. Yeah, like I'm thinking about you, I can't sleep. No, no. That sounds creepy."

"So anyway, I was like I should send little David a text. So I wrote him 'You're a talented writer! Keep at it! You got a big future ahead of you. :)'"

"The next morning I didn't hear anything. I check my phone and I didn't get a text back. And the following day, I didn't get a text back. And then I'm like what's up with little David?"

"So I check my texts. I sent it to Larry David. Are you kidding me? I was mortified."

April 19, 2013 |

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