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ESPN Suspends Curt Schilling After Tweet Comparing Muslims To Nazis

ESPN has suspended Curt Schilling after he posted an image comparing Muslims to Nazis.

This after the former MLB pitcher, who has been covering the Little League World Series for the network, posted a message on Twitter that read: "The math is staggering when you get to true #'s."

The message was accompanied by an image of Adolf Hitler that said: "It's said only 5-10% of Muslims are extremists. In 1940, only 7% of Germans were Nazis, how'd that go?"

Schilling removed the tweet and agreed it was a "bad decision" but ESPN wasted no time in reacting with a suspension.

"Curt's tweet was completely unacceptable, and in no way represents our company's perspective. We made that point very strongly to Curt and have removed him from his current Little League assignment pending further consideration," said ESPN.

"I understand and accept my suspension," Schilling said on Twitter. "100% my fault. Bad choices have bad consequences and this was a bad decision in every way on my part."

August 26, 2015 |

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