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Erin Andrews Gives Tearful Testimony In Peeping Tom Case: 'I'm So Angry'

Erin Andrews (photosErin Andrews photos) took the stand in her $75 million civil suit against Marriott Nashville and tearfully testified that she felt angry and embarrassed when a stranger secretly filmed her nude in 2008.

"I'm so angry. This could have been stopped," the one-time ESPN and now Fox Sports reporter said. "No one ever called me or told me when I checked in that he asked to be put next to me."

Andrews said she would've called police if she had been informed that Michael David Barrett had made the request. He filmed video of Andrews naked through a peep hole.

"All I wanted to do is be respected, be the girl who loves sports, and now I'm the girl with the scandal. It's embarrassing."

He testified that Andrews wasn't the first woman he secretely recorded and had done so with at least ten others.

"It was everywhere... my naked body was on the front page of the New York Post," she said. "I feel like I'm on an island all by myself."

"I was just screaming," adding, "I was naked all over the internet and I didn't know what it was."

"Probably for like three months, everybody thought it was a publicity stunt. Everybody put up that I was doing it for publicity and attention, and that ripped me apart."

"Because there wasn't an arrest, because we didn't know where this happened, my bosses at ESPN told me, 'Before you go back on air for college football we need you to give a sit-down interview.' And that was the only way I was going to be allowed back."

But it was her stint on 'Dancing with the Stars' that helped the most said Andrews.

She revealed ESPN broadcaster Mike Tirico encouraged her to go on the dance competition and told her: "'Please go do the show, We need our girl back. You need to go find your smile.'"

March 1, 2016 |

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