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Eminem Leaves MTV Movie Awards After 'Bruno' Stunt (Video)

Last night's MTV Movie Awards were dominated by 'Twilight', but it was a stunt Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Bruno' that gave the show its most bizarre moment.

Bruno, who flew in on a wire, upset Eminem as he landed ass-up right in the rapper's face after he crashed into an overhead obstacle.

Eminem seemed offended as the thong-clad Bruno was removed from on top of him and promptly stormed out of the awards show.

No one knows for sure whether the rapper had been punked or he was in on the elaborate stunt. But from what we hear, Baron Cohen's descent into the audience was included in rehearsals so there's a good chance it was no more than a publicity stunt for Bruno as well as Eminem's new album.

"I enjoyed his precision landing," Ben Stiller, who was in the audience, told reporters. "I did not see that coming."

See the incident and Eminem as he leaves the MTV Movie Awards below:

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June 1, 2009 |

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