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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Incites Then Backs Down From Fight With Kathy Griffin

From the minute Kathy Griffin walked on 'The View', you could tell Elisabeth Hasselbeck wasn't a happy woman.

Hasselbeck remained dead silent for most of the segment, without more than the occasional glance in her direction, but when the topic turned to Kathy's act -- where she's previously made fun of Elisabeth -- the talk show host couldn't wait to interject.

"You've said things about people here that a) untrue and b) not funny... So do you ever feel uncomfortable coming here?," she asked with the tone of an upset child.

Griffin, sensing the hostility, replied: "Actually, this is what I live for, so bring it."

However, Hasselbeck quickly backed down and pretended she was 'cool' with Griffin's comedy.

"It's cool... We're cool," said Hasselbeck. "I'm cool... It's all cool."

Skip to around the five minute mark for the fun:

June 16, 2010 |

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