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Egyptian President's Office Cries 'Propaganda' After 'Daily Show' Commentary

The Egyptian President's Office is accusing the US Embassy in Cairo of spreading negative propaganda after the diplomatic office shared video of Jon Stewart mocking President Mohamamed Morsi and calling him a hypocrite.

"It's inappropriate for a diplomatic mission to engage in such negative political propaganda," said the President's Office.

In the segment, the 'Daily Show' host had lambasted the Egyptian President for arresting political satirist called “the Jon Stewart of Egypt,” , often called the Jon Stewart of Egypt, for "insulting Islam" and "belittling" Morsi.

"So Bassem Youssef pokes fun at your hat and your lack of promised democratic reforms," Stewart said. "What are you worried about? You're the president of Egypt, you have an army. He has puns and a show, you have tanks and planes — we should know, we still have the receipts."

"Look, silencing a comedian doesn't qualify you to be president of Egypt, just president of NBC. When you are actually powerful, you don't need to be petty."

"For someone who spent time in jail yourself under Mubarak, you seem awfully eager to send other people there for the same non-crimes. And just like you, they will emerge stronger and more determined."

The US Embassy in Cairo temporarily shut down its Twitter feed on Wednesday and restored it after deleting the tweet in question.

April 3, 2013 |

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