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Dustin Hoffman Accused Of Assaulting Two Women and Exposing Himself To A Minor

Three more women have forward to accuse Dustin Hoffman of inappropriate sexual behavior.

The women, one of whom wished to remain anonymous, detail their encounters with the Oscar winning actor to Variety.

Cori Thomas, a friend of Hoffman's daughter Karina, says that Hoffman exposed himself to her when she was 16 and found herself alone with him while waiting for her parents.

"He came out of the bathroom with a towel at first wrapped around him, which he dropped," Thomas says. "He was standing there naked. I think I almost collapsed, actually. It was the first time I had ever seen a naked man. I was mortified. I didn't know what to do. And he milked it. He milked the fact that he was naked. He stood there. He took his time."

Hoffman eventually put on a robe and asked her to massage his feet.

"I didn't know what to do in the circumstance," she recalls. "I didn't know that I could say no, so I did it. And he kept telling me, 'I'm naked. Do you want to see?' What saved me was that the phone rang, and it was my mother downstairs to pick me up."

Another woman, Melissa Kester, says Hoffman sexually assaulted her while recording a song for his film 'Ishtar'. He asked her to come sit with him in the recording booth. With her boyfriend outside and just feet away, Hoffman used his fingers and violated her.

She says she made an effort not to react to what Hoffman was doing to not alert her boyfriend or the other men, who could only see them from the waist up.

"Then I just ran out of there, and I sat in the bathroom crying. I thought, 'Oh my God.' I felt like I'd been raped. There was no warning. I didn't know he would do that."

A third woman, who did not disclose her name, claims Hoffman assaulted her on the set of the same movie. She claims Hoffman "stuck his fingers right up inside of me" while she was sitting with him in the back of a crowded station wagon.

She says that wasn't consensual but later that night, following the unwanted advance, met up with Hoffman in his hotel room for another encounter.

Asked whether that was consensual, she replies: "I don’t know."

The women are adding to the list of those speaking out against Hoffman. The actor has not commented on the story but his lawyer calls them "defamatory falsehoods."

December 15, 2017 |

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