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Dunking Parakeet Is Newest Celebrity

Teaching a parakeet to putt is no easy task. Ask David Cota, who spent months training his Indian ringneck parakeet A.J. to use a tiny putter to sink putts on a miniature green, making the 5-inch tall bird an Internet celebrity.

"It doesn't look all that tough nowadays, but try to get a a bird to hold a little stick basically in its beak.

The first time, he snapped it right in half," Cota said. A.J. can also dunk a tiny basketball on a tiny court. He rolls over. He shakes. His play dead is spooky."

A "Tonight" show darling from the end of the Johnny Carson era, A.J. and Cota are staging a comeback thanks to his newest tricks.

Cota and his friends have built elaborate sets for A.J.. including a basketball court and a putting green complete with plastic putter and a golf bag.

Click here to see a video with A.J. in action.

January 24, 2007 |

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