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Drug Dealer Guilty of Murdering 15-Year-Old In 'Alpha Dog' Crime

Drug dealer Jesse James Hollywood is facing a possible death sentence after his conviction for kidnapping and murdering a 15-year-old boy over an outstanding drug debt. The crime inspired the 2006 movie 'Alpha Dog'.

The jury deliberated for about four days before it came to the verdict. The 29-year-old's role as a principal in the murder made him eligible for the death penalty.

Hollywood was accused of being the brains behind the kidnapping and eventual killing of Nicholas Markowitz in August 2000 because the teen's half brother owed a $2,500 drug debt.

Markowitz was held for several days before he was shot and buried in a shallow grave.

The dealer claimed he was afraid after Ben Markowitz left threatening messages, poisoned his dog and broke a window at his home, so he took Nicholas off the street in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles, but claimed he did not order the teen's murder.

Hollywood said Ryan Hoyt, the gunman who has already been convicted and sentenced to death, acted on his own because he was afraid someone would find out about the kidnapping.

"I just feel terrible about everything that happened," Hollywood testified. "I feel terrible for the Markowitz family. I feel terrible that anyone would think I could do something like that."

Prosecutors said Hollywood ordered Hoyt to get rid of Nicholas after he found out he could face life in prison for kidnapping and panicked.

Jesse James was on the run and featured on 'America's Most Wanted's list for five years before he was arrested in Brazil in 2005.

July 9, 2009 |

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