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Donald Trump: Baron Cohen Deserved Punched In Face For Red Carpet Stunt

Attention seeker Donald Trump is upset that Sacha Baron Cohen sought some publicity for his upcoming film 'The Dictator' with his much talked about stunt on the Oscar red carpet.

"This third rate character named Sacha Baron Cohen thought he was being cute and funny when he threw ashes at Ryan Seacrest," Trumps begins in a video, without clarifying if he knew that those weren't real ashes. "Now, I know Ryan Seacrest. He's a great guy and you could see he was visibly upset. It was disgraceful."

"And the security guard who was standing at the right? He should be fired immediately. That guy had nothing. He is not capable. He allowed that guy to get away with so much."

"Believe me, if that happened to somebody with real security. Sacha Baron Cohen would not be in good shape right now. He'd be in hospital. He would've been punched in the face so many times, he wouldn't have known what happened."

"I only wish that Ryan would have taken a swing at him. I only wish that the security guard who let it all happen, No. 1, gets fired, and No. 2, go to school and learn about being security. You don't know, man!"

Trump then goes on to say how boring the Vanity Fair party, which he wasn't invited to, was.

"The magazine has lost its focus. It used to be a wonderful magazine. Right now, it's boring, just like the party they had. Too bad. It used to be a wonderful institution. It's gone."

February 29, 2012 |

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