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Dolly Parton Shows Anderson Cooper She Doesn't Have A Cleavage Tattoo

In an appearance with Anderson Cooper, Dolly Parton was eager to put to rest rumors that she had a new cleavage tattoo.

The speculation started after a photo of Parton at the premiere of 'Joyful Noise' appeared to show a rose tattoo in her cleavage.

"Was that not the ugliest picture you've ever seen?," Parton scoffed as producers zeroed in on her cleavage to show the rose tattoo. "That looks like something obscene."

"Do you see that? Do you see it?" Parton asked as she pushed down her top to her cleavage for Anderson and the audience to get a first hand look.

"Well, my goodness, no, I don't," Cooper replied. "Okay, so that's not a tattoo."

"Sometimes I stick stuff around and put those little things on," explained the 65-year-old. "But that looked like something growing out of my body. It's not!"

"But yeah, that would be an odd spot to get a tattoo," she said. "But I get that a lot."

Asked if she had other tattoos, she replied: "I might but I'm not going to show 'em 'til they catch me at it."

January 24, 2012 |

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