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David Letterman Tells Jay-Z: LeBron James Can't Win With 'Cub Scout' Nets

Jay-Z didn't appear too pleased last night when David Letterman told him that LeBron James should stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers because he wouldn't have any better chance of winning with the New Jersey Nets.

The 40-year-old rapper partly owns the New Jersey Nets, who have been rumored to be moving to Brooklyn.

"Let me just say a couple of things about this," began Letterman. "You're a guy. I'm a guy. If LeBron James wants to be a guy, he will stay where he is and not cut the heart out of that city by leaving Cleveland."

"You wouldn't do that if you were a player. Cleveland is in desperate decline -- sad but true. And one of the glimmering hopes that they have is that LeBron, superstar and world famous basketball champion, will stay."

"You know what I mean? If there is some humanity in this man... you'd do the same. Because you know what? Because you're a guy."

Jay-Z responded: "Yeah, but if I was in Brooklyn... I get your point, but this is New York city!"

"But you know what I'm saying," said Letterman. "He really ought to stay where he is and help the city. He would be a bigger hero that way than if he comes... and what are his chances of winning with the Knicks? Zero. What are his chances of winning with the Nets? Not that strong."

Jay-Z went quiet.

"The show is so good I don't even need to be here," joked Letterman at the silence.

"A little more though... chance," mumbled Jay-Z.

"Alright," Letterman conceded. "He's got a little better chance with the Nets than with the Knicks."

"But that's like saying you got a better chance with the cub scouts than the girl scouts," he joked.

June 25, 2010 |

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