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David Letterman and Serena Williams Discuss Grunts (Video)

David Letterman quizzes Serena Williams (photosSerena Williams photos) to try to get to the bottom of women's grunts in tennis.

"It's definitely more the ladies thing. When I was younger growing up, I used to watch Monica Seles. She's the first person I know of that really used to grunt really loud, really hard. That's kind of who I modeled my grunt after."

"Because you have to have role models when it comes to grunting. There's a lot of ladies who do it now. It's a girl thing."

Williams says she imagines it has to be distracting for opponents who don't grunt as much as she and sister Venus.

"It's advanced in everything I do, like if I play golf, I grunt. If I'm playing soccer and I kick the ball, I grunt."

"Do you have the proper shoes for this? I'd hate for you to twist something," asks Dave as the two prepare to hit a few tennis balls into the crowd.

"I play in heels," replies Serena. Letterman quips, "Oh, you do... That's certainly what I've heard."

July 7, 2009 |

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