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David Duchovny: We're 'Always On Board' For Another 'X-Files' Movie

In an appearance on 'The Tonight Show' with Jay Leno, David Duchovny said he was always up for another 'X-Files' movie.

"We always want to," Duchovny said to cheers.

"Chris Carter, Gillian Anderson and I, we always on board. You know, you want to write to Fox and get them going."

"We'll always... you could wheel me out. I could be Fox Mulder forever, sure!"

Carter has previously said that a third film would likely go back to the TV series' mythology and focus specifically on the alien invasion and colonization of Earth foretold in the series finale.

In an August interview, Gillian Anderson, who played Dana Scully, said a third X-Files film was "looking pretty good. However, Fox has not given the green light to a third installment yet.

February 28, 2013 |

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