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David Blaine Caught Standing During 'Upside Down' Stunt

Yesterday, we reported on endurance artist David Blaine's latest stunt in which he was supposed to hang upside down in Central Park for a record-setting 60 hours.

But less than a day later, many are calling Blaine's stunt busted as eyewitnesses have photographed the 35-year-old standing right-side up on more than one occasion. That's right folks, David Blaine isn't really hanging upside down for 60 hours as he has led everyone to believe.

Not only has Blaine been photographed standing up on an observation deck, his representatives are now claiming it was part of the plan all along: "About once an hour he has to come down for a medical check, to stretch, and to relieve himself, because even David Blaine can't do that upside down," says Patrick Smith. "He has said all along that there will be times when he must get his head above his heart."

David Blaine Caught Standing

So Blaine is now basically taking a break at least once every hour, we've heard sometimes as many as three to four. How that qualifies as hanging upside down for 60 consecutive hours we're not sure. And if it was the plan all along, why wasn't there any mention of the caveat in the press release?

For that we're calling this a failed stunt because the standing breaks were definitely not part of the original plan as Blaine would like you to believe. The 'magician' himself told 'Live with Regis and Kelly' host Kelly Ripa (photosKelly Ripa photos) that much in a pre-stunt interview on Monday by telling her he stopped eating "about a week ago" so he wouldn't have to use the bathroom and would use a catheter to urinate. He also said that he would restore blood flow with upside-down situps and stretches.

So either Blaine was lying on national TV, or he's lying now. In any case, this stunt, or more accurately publicity stunt, is busted.

September 24, 2008 |

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