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Daniel Baldwin Files For Divorce After Wife Threatens To Kill Him

Daniel Baldwin has filed for divorce from his wife -- after she repeatedly threatened to kill him with a knife.

In a declaration Baldwin wrote for police, the 50-year-old brother of Alec Baldwin says wife Joanne Smith made repeated threats to kill him, some even in front of their two children.

"Joanne came out of our bedroom and claimed she had just watched a documentary on women who killed their husbands," he writes.

"She exclaimed, 'Now I know how to do it, I understand why they did it. You have been warned. Move out of this house or I am going to kill you.'"

He says once his 3-year-old daughter even asked him: "Is mommy going to kill us?"

Baldwin tells police that Joanne is "highly intoxicated" in their home and often screams and throws objects.

He alleges that his wife has also physically hurt him multiple times, including punches to the head, and once pulled a knife on him.

But it was her most recent outburst that prompted him to finally leave. He says she punched him in the head and face on Sunday and when police, who were called to the scene, deemed her unfit to care for the children, he decided he had enough.

Baldwin, who has a restraining order against Joanne and temporary custody of the children, has officially filed for divorce.

The filing comes just two weeks shy of what would have been the couple's fourth wedding anniversary.

July 14, 2011 |

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