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Dan Harmon Officially Confirms He's Returning To 'Community'

Asked to confirm rumors he's returning to 'Community', series creator Dan Harmon finally shared a response on Twitter.

"Yes, yes, yes! I'm back, I'm back, I'm back," wrote Harmon. "You can thank Joel McHale."

"Here are my 'deal breakers' coming back to Community," he then said. "Rhonda Robinson on props. Denise Pizzini on design. Ruthie Aslan in post. Tell Sony."

The deal hasn't been officially sealed, signed and delivered but that's merely thought to be a formality at this point.

The studio reportedly decided to bring back Harmon after several castmembers expressed their dissatisfaction with the cult comedy's past season. And given Harmon's remark, Joel McHale evidently led the charge.

Sony and NBC's decision was made easier by the fact that the show actually had lower ratings than without Harmon. So rather than try to cater to the masses, they're hoping the move will bring back fans and perhaps even garner a few new ones.

June 3, 2013 |

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