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Craig Ferguson Used To Be In Band With New 'Doctor Who'

Craig Ferguson tells Seth Meyers on 'Late Night' that he and new 'Doctor Who', Peter Capaldi, used to be in the raucous Dreamboys.

"When the rest of the guys were at Emerson or Harvard, doing stuff like that, I was taking acid in the back of a van with the guy who ended up playing The Doctor," says Ferguson.

"I don't know it happened but Peter who plays The Doctor -- not Doctor Who -- he and I were in a band called Dreamboys together. The Dreamboys, we didn't strip... although we should've."

"But we were originally called 'The Bastards from Hell'. Actually, at the White House Correspondents dinner, George Bush was making a speech and he talked about me being in the Bastards from Hell."

"Bush and Cheney were there and he said 'Craig was in a band called the Bastards from Hell, which is coincidentally the same name as Dick Cheney's band' -- which I thought was the best joke of the night."

September 17, 2014 |

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