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Coroner Says Brittany Murphy's Death Was Preventable

Brittany Murphy could still be alive today had she seen a doctor sooner, says a Los Angeles coroner official.

"This death could've been preventable," says Assistant Chief Ed Winter.

"Murphy was planning on seeing a doctor, but she unfortunately passed away before she did. This was a case of a person with pneumonia who was anemic who was taking medication when she should've been getting medical treatment."

"Had someone said, 'You are going to the doctor and thrown her in the car, she might be alive today."

"She was a sick young lady. She and her mother talked, and she decided to get a doctor's appointment. She passed away about three or four days before her doctor's appointment."

The coroner specified that pneumonia was the primary cause of death, with drugs and anemia as contributing factors.

The specific drugs found in Murphy's system will be revealed in a detailed toxicology report in the coming weeks, but Winter confirms what Murphy's mother said following her daughter's death, that were no unusual drugs present in her system.

"It was only prescription and over-the-counter meds," he says . "Nothing illegal."

The primary cause of the death was community acquired pneumonia, with contributing factors of iron deficiency anemia and multiple drug intoxication.

Brittany Murphy died on December 20 at age 32 after collapsing at her Hollywood Hills home.

February 5, 2010 |

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