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Congressman Wants 'Lincoln' Fixed To Reflect Correct Connecticut Vote

Connecticut congressman Joe Courtney is asking 'Lincoln' filmmakers to correct an "distortion" that shows Congressmen from his state voting against abolishing slavery

Courtney says a scene in which two Connecticut congressmen vote against the 13th Amendment isn't true and he has verified it using public records.

In a letter to Lincoln director Steven Spielberg and producer DreamWorks, Courtney begins by praising the film for its "compelling and consuming" story, and Daniel Day-Lewis' performance as Abraham Lincoln is "tremendous."

However, Courtney says he "could not believe my own eyes and ears" when he saw Connecticut congressmen vote to reject the amendment.

"How could Congressmen from Connecticut -- a state that supported President Lincoln and lost thousands of her sons fighting against slavery on the Union side of the Civil War -- have been on the wrong side of history?," he asks.

So he did his own research and discovered that, in fact, his state's entire congressional delegation voted to abolish slavery.

"I understand that artistic license will be taken and that some facts may be blurred to make a story more compelling on the big screen," he concedes, "but placing the State of Connecticut on the wrong side of the historic and divisive fight over slavery is a distortion of easily verifiable facts."

"It's an inaccuracy that should be acknowledged, and if possible, corrected before Lincoln is released on DVD."

February 6, 2013 |

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