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Confused Liam Neeson On 'SportsCenter': 'Are We Live? Oh, Shit'

Liam Neeson made an appearance on 'SportsCenter' this week to promote 'Taken 2'.

The only problem was the actor wasn't prepared to talk about the Jets... or the NFL.

Asked about being in attendance at the Jets 34-0 loss to San Francisco on Sunday being a "New York fan", Neeson wasn't quite sure what to say.

"Umm.... we better start again," Neeson said after some thought. "Can we? Are we live? Oh shit."

"Okay, I'll be very honest with you. It's only the second football game I've been at in my life. I still don't understand the rules. But on Sunday, yes, I know the Jets got trounced but it was great to just celebrate great athleticism."

Later, when asked about Tim Tebow, Neeson admitted: "You're speaking ancient Arabic to me."

October 5, 2012 |

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