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Coal Industry Mocks Ashley Judd With Topless Poster

The Prestonsburg, Kentucky golf course has been emblazoned with a topless photo of Ashley Judd on a poster that mocks the actress' outspoken opposition to mountaintop removal mining.

"Ashley Judd makes a living removing her top, why can't coal miners?," reads the 5-by-3-foot poster in which Judd is covering her breasts with her hands.

This after Judd, who grew up in the state, compared blasting the tops off mountains to extract coal and other minerals to the 'rape of Appalachia' last month.

"It is time to retire the cynical and superficial coal company-created argument that we must choose between people, their jobs, and our mountains," said Judd. "That is simply false, fear-based and fear-mongering."

"Coming from a woman who makes movies most people wouldn't take their children to, I really don't think she has a lot to say about our industry or anything else that's worthwhile," David Gooch, president of the Coal Operator's Association tells a TV station.

"Ashley has certainly gotten under the skin of the callous coal industry hacks and now they're on the defensive," says Rob Perk of the National Resources Defense Council.

"For that, as well as her steadfast crusade to protect her beloved mountains from rapacious coal companies that have no compunction about blasting Appalachia's natural and cultural heritage to oblivion, consider me a fan forever of Ashley Judd."

The coal industry-sponsored golf tournament was put on for a new professional basketball team in Pikeville, the East Kentucky Energy.

Check out the Ashley Judd topless poster below:

July 9, 2010 |

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