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Coach and Ozzy To Return For 'Survivor: South Pacific'

Earlier this week, CBS announced the sixteen new castaways who will compete on 'Survivor: South Pacific'.

On Wednesday, the network finally revealed the two returning castaways to round out the cast will be Benjamin 'Coach' Wade and Ozzy Lusth.

It will be the third attempt at taking home the million dollar prize for both. Coach finished fifth on Tocatins and 12th on Heroes vs. Villains, while Ozzy was a runner-up on Cook Islands but was blindsided to finish ninth on Micronesia.

Both former players will be on opposing tribes, like Boston Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz last season.

While they don't have a heated rivalry, host Jeff Probst says: "What they share together is their social games suck."

"Coach blew it seven different ways in Heroes vs. Villains. And Ozzy got voted out with an idol in his hand!"

"If that doesn't speak to how bad you are in the social part of this game. So we looked at it and said here are two guys that do have a redemption story."

"Yes, you've played. Yes, you're popular, but you don't know what you're doing in this game."

Probst hints that with Boston Rob's win last season, the new castaways were gunning for the returning players from the start.

"We even talked about giving them immunity," explains Probst. "We said, maybe we should give them immunity for the first Tribal Council and let them get their feet wet, and we said that's just not our show. You're on your own."

'Survivor: South Pacific' will premiere on September 14 at 8 EST.

August 25, 2011 |

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