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Chris Carter Announces Title Of New 'X-Files' Movie

Series creator and director Chris Carter has revealed that the 'X-Files' big-screen sequel will be titled 'The X-Files: I Want to Believe'.

"It's a natural title," says Carter. "It's a story that involves the difficulties in mediating faith and science. 'I want to believe.' It really does suggest Mulder's struggle with his faith."

Carter says he had known what he would title the movie as soon as he started working on the script, but had to hold off until it was approved by 20th Century Fox.

The title may sound new to the casual viewer, but fans of the TV series will instantly recognize it as the slogan that appeared on the UFO poster that hung in Mulder and Scully's basement office:

Producers have gone to great lengths to keep the plot of the movie top secret. Carter says: "We went to almost comical lengths to keep the story a secret," Carter said. "That included allowing only the key crew members to read the script, and they had to read it in a room that had video cameras trained on them. It was a new experience."

But he will say that the movie is a stand-alone story revolving around a supernatural mystery, which attempts to please both die-hard fans and casual moviegoers who may not have seen the TV series. The movie hits theaters July 25, 2008.

April 17, 2008 |

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