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Chloe Sevigny Apologizes For Saying Big Love Was 'Awful This Season'

Chloe Sevigny is apologizing for saying that the latest season of her HBO show 'Big Love' was 'awful'.

"It was awful this season, as far as I'm concerned," Sevigny said when asked about the story 'being so over-the-top' last week. "I'm not allowed to say that! It was very telenovela. I feel like it kind of got away from itself. The whole political campaign seemed to me very farfetched."

"I mean, I love the show, I love my character, I love the writing, but I felt like they were really pushing it this last season. And with nine episodes, I think they were just squishing too much in."

"HBO only gave us nine Sundays, because they have so much other original programming -- especially with The Pacific -- and they only have a certain amount of Sundays per year, so we only got nine Sundays. I think that they had more story than episodes. I think that's what happened."

"We only get it episode to episode. We never know what’s going to happen in the next episode until we’re almost finished shooting the one we’re shooting at present. Me and the girls (Jeanne Tripplehorn & Ginnifer Goodwin) definitely were not very happy with where it was going, or more kind of, 'We really hope it’s going to work. It seems like they’re really pushing it.'"

"I mean, there’s not much I can do. It is how it’s written, and I have to work it out and figure out why she’s doing the things she is. The creators are very articulate, and they help us a lot. I just try to think how she would react in a particular circumstance."

"It’s too much. But I hope the fans will stick with us and tune in next year. There’s a lot of people who really love this season, surprisingly. God, I’m going to get in so much trouble. I think next season, they’re going to go back to more just the family."

But now Chloe Sevigny blames being exhausted for her candid comments.

"A little bit. I feel pretty terrible. I feel like what I said was taken out of context, and the writer I was speaking to was provoking me. I was really exhausted and doing a press junket and I think I just, I wasn’t thinking about what I was saying. You know, after a day of junkets sometimes things slip out that you don’t mean, and I obviously didn’t mean what I said in any way, shape, or form."

"I love being on the show. I have nothing but respect and admiration for our writers and everybody involved with the show. It’s been the greatest opportunity of my lifetime so far — the best role I’ve ever played, the best part I’ve ever had the opportunity to portray. So I love the show. I think it’s the greatest show on television. I think it’s the weirdest show."

"It is difficult being on a show for several seasons and having no control and having things go in different directions where you didn’t think they would go. But that’s also the most exciting part because they keep the character really fresh and there’s new scenarios that they come up with."

"I don’t want to be one of those actresses that complains about her work because I love my work and I love being on the show. I feel really terrible. And I called Will and Mark and apologized profusely."

"They accepted my apology. We have a great mutual respect for one another, and they know my work ethic, how I treat other people at work and them, and how I never contest anything they write for me. I’m always willing to perform even if I have a little trouble with something."

"The takeaway lesson here is just be more careful with my words and just slow down and breathe during junkets. And to not let journalist provoke me in ways that could be detrimental to others and myself."

March 29, 2010 |

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