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Chevy Chase Leaves 'Community' Creator Profanity Laced Voicemail After Insult

'Community' star Chevy Chase has blasted Dan Harmon in a profanity laced voicemail after the 'Community' creator insulted him in front of his wife and daughter.

It all started when Chase was unhappy with a scene and asked for a write, saying he would "respectfully decline" to appear in the scene unless the change was made.

But when Harmon refused, Chase left the set without filming the scene.

The cast and crew thought the disagreement had been resolved, until Harmon picked up a mic at the wrap party and encouraged the crew to chant "f--k Chevy."

The stunt left Chase fuming because it happened in front of his wife and daughter.

The actor then called Harmon and blasted him in a expletive-riddled voicemail, which has leaked online after the producer played it for crew of the comedy.

"You didn't give us a script to begin with, so nobody knew what the f--k was going on during the week," Chase says in the recording.

"Second of all, your goddamn bad writing, shit stinks f--k, was an abomination; and your writing is getting worse, so suck my cock."

"I don't get talked to like that by anybody certainly not in front of my wife and daughter, you goddamn a--hole; alcoholic, fat shit."

"You're gonna live to be about 57, if you're lucky, the way you eat. I have nothing to say to you except you can suck my cock. Is that clear?"

"And I hope you can play that for everybody around you who agrees that you should say 'f--k you' in front of all of those people, to me and my family. You think that's the right way to behave?"

Listen to the voicemail audio below:

April 3, 2012 |

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