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'Charlie Hebdo' Editor Criticizes American and UK Media For Not Showing Cover

'Charlie Hebdo' editor-in-chief Gerard Biard is criticizing the American and UK media for not showing the cover of the latest issue of the satirical French magazine.

"This cartoon is not just a little figure. It's a symbol. It's the symbol of freedom of speech, of freedom of religion, of democracy and secularism," Biard tells MSNBC.

"When they refuse to publish this cartoon, when they blur it out, when they decline to publish it, they blur out democracy."

Most TV stations and publications have decided not to show the cover of the latest issue, which features a cartoon drawing of Islam's Muhammad despite the magazine having sold a record 7 million copies.

CBS is one of the few stations that has aired the cover while the UK's Sky News apologized for its accidental glimpse.

"We do not kill anyone," continues said. "We must stop conflating the murderers and the victims. We must stop declaring that those who write and draw are provocateurs, that they are throwing gas on the fire. We must not place thinkers and artists in the same category as murders."

"Every time that we draw a cartoon of Muhammad, every time that we draw a cartoon of the prophet, every time that we draw a cartoon of God, we defend the freedom of religion. Religion should not be a political argument."

January 20, 2015 |

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