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CBS Calls Time Warner Cable's 'A La Carte' Proposal An 'Empty Gesture'

CBS is calling Time Warner Cable's offer to to end the blackout of CBS for customers of the cable company in large TV markets including New York, Dallas and Los Angeles over fees a "sham" and an "empty gesture."

Time Warner Cable dropped CBS on Friday at 5 PM and on Monday, Chief Executive Glenn Britt sent a letter to CBS Corp CEO Les Moonves with a proposal to allow its cable customers to pay for CBS as a stand-alone channel to "allow customers to decide for themselves how much value they ascribe to CBS programming."

CBS President and CEO Les Moonves responded to the offer in a lengthy letter on Tuesday and slammed TWC's offer and representation as "dishonest."

"I was surprised to get your letter yesterday, particularly since I hadn't spoken to you in more than a week," begins Moonves. "Come to think of it, you haven't reached out to me personally, as I have to you on more than one occasion, even once during this entire matter, so your communication was both unexpected and welcome. The fact that you released it simultaneously to the media, however, dampened my enthusiasm somewhat."

"It made me suspect that the document was not, as I hoped, a sincere offer but rather a public relations gesture of some kind. Sadly, my suspicions were more than justified. I was also surprised and disappointed when your incoming CEO, when asked by CNBC whether we had responded to your lengthy letter, said, 'I am not aware of CBS having made a counterproposal or responded to our proposal in any way.' I found this rather dishonest. After all, we had received your communication along with the press not five minutes before airtime, as he surely must have known."

As for the proposal, Moonves says "after reviewing your letter, we have concluded that there is not a sincere or helpful proposal in it. It is, rather, a well-wrought distraction."

"Let me remind you, Glenn, that you have in your possession more than 100 pages of our actual proposal, with economics, terms and rights agreements contained for CBS, Showtime and all the content vehicles under discussion. You had them well before you dropped our programming from your service. We have never received a mark-up or reply to anything contained in them."

"Last Friday, in spite of the fact that we had offered a one-week extension to remain on the air while we continued our discussions, you chose to take us off the air."

"As to your groundbreaking 'offer' to go a la carte: Anyone familiar with the entertainment business knows that this is an empty gesture. The economics and structure of the cable industry have created a certain way that content is distributed and compensated. We both know that a true a la carte universe is not one that Time Warner Cable welcomes."

"In fact, if you thought it was a good idea, why aren't you offering your new, multi-billion-dollar Lakers and Dodgers channels to your subscribers in Los Angeles on an a la carte basis? Instead, your subscribers in Los Angeles are already being charged in the neighborhood of $4.00 for the Lakers and likely more than that for the Dodgers both of which you have pulled off broadcast television entirely. These charges are added to the cost of your customers. basic monthly bill whether they want them or not."

"At the same time, you find it impossible to pay far, far less than that for the network that brings your viewers the NFL, the PGA Championship, the Masters, the NCAA Basketball tournament, SEC Football, plus 60 Minutes, NCIS, The Big Bang Theory, Under the Dome, David Letterman, the Grammys, and so much more."

"We view your so-called proposal, then, as nothing more than an attempt to muddy the water and confuse the public discussion."

"You already pay ten networks on your channel lineup more than you compensate CBS, all of which have far fewer viewers. What we are looking for, have always been looking for, is fair compensation for our content. CBS is the most popular programmer in the world. Showtime has content that is the most sought-after in the business. Why can' you see your way clear to honestly paying for what your customers value most?"

"Again, what we are seeking with you is nothing more or less than a rights and conditions package that every other cable, satellite and telephone company has agreed to."

"Rather than engaging in public posturing that achieves nothing but confusion and doesn't move us one bit closer to our mutual goal, please return to the negotiating table and talk about the real issues that separate us," he concludes. "We will be there waiting and hopeful."

August 6, 2013 |

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