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Cameron Diaz Tells Story About Andy Cohen Thinking She Pooped In Her Pants

Cameron Diaz (photosCameron Diaz photos) and Jimmy Fallon recall the time his dog made a smelly mess during his Oscar viewing party and Bravo's Andy Cohen thought it was her.

"I ran into Andy on the street the other night," she told Fallon. "He goes, 'remember when I thought you shit... you pooped, your pants?!' He totally blamed it on me!"

"I think anybody in this room would not assume I crapped my pants sitting on your coach at an Oscar party. Of course I would not crap my pants! Why get up? I'll just do it here!," she laughed.

"He did not even mention the fact that he actually stepped in the poop and that's why it was so close to him the entire time."

"I remember he got off the couch from next to me and went and sat on a chair across the room."

April 8, 2016 |

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