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Bryant Gumbel Reveals He Was Treated for Tumor In Lung

Sitting in for Regis Philbin on Tuesday's edition of 'Live With Regis and Kelly', Bryant Gumbel shocked nearly everyone by revealing that he's recovering from cancer surgery and treatment.

The former 'Today' show anchor said doctors removed a malignant tumor and part of his lung two months ago.

"It's nothing to hide from," said Gumbel. "They opened up my chest, they took out a malignant tumor, they took out part of my lung and they took out some other goodies."

But even after the surgery, some aggressive cancer cells remained, "so I went through some treatment and it's done now."

"We had told a few people, we told my family, obviously. I even kept it from my staff at Real Sports. So I'm okay for the time being," he said. "I'm hoping they greenlight me to play golf again."

Gumbel dropped the revelation after Kelly Ripa (photosKelly Ripa photos) said she wanted to dance with him, to go with a segment about a woman who dances for exercise. Gumbel first politely declined then, as Ripa insisted, said he actually wasn't allowed to dance.

Ripa told him that "you just made me almost faint."

December 9, 2009 |

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