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Brittany Murphy's Mother Sues Claiming Toxic Mold Killed Her

Brittany Murphy's mother has filed a lawsuit against her former attorneys, claiming they gave her bad advice and didn't inform her about a possible wrongful death suit due to mold in the house.

The lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court comes nearly two years to the day after the sudden death of her daughter and, later, her son-in-law Simon Monjack.

While the issue of toxic mold had been brought up before, Sharon Murphy had repeatedly brushed it off until this past summer when she discovered extensive water damage and mold infestation while she was in the process of selling the house.

Her new lawyers say the former lawyers "had a duty to advise and/or inform Plaintiff that she may have had a wrongful death claim."

And that both Brittany and Monjack's deaths from pneumonia were directly related to "complications from conditions associated with" the "defective construction" of the home.

Murphy previously received $600,000 in an out of court settlement with the builder for problems related to a "persistent leak problem" in the multi-million dollar home. However, that was before Monjack's sudden death.

December 20, 2011 |

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