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Brittany Murphy's Mother Says Drugs Didn't Kill Her Daughter

Brittany Murphy's mother says she refuses to believe that drugs contributed to her daughter's death.

"She had a little bit of a cold," Sharon tells 'People' magazine. "You could never in a billion years imagine this happening."

"She had a fear of dying," she says. "She would not take too much caffeine. She wouldn't even have a glass of champagne on New Year's. She was just high on life, and people see that as something else I guess."

"Do you not think anybody would have picked up on this anorexic, mentally deranged person?," she asks. "It's ludicrous."

Brittany's husband, Simon Monjack, also maintains the 32-year-old did not suffer from mental illness, use drugs or have an eating disorder and while Murphy was on medication, some of the prescription medications found in the couple's home belonged to him.

The actress had mitral valve prolapse, a common condition where a heart valve does not properly close, but doctors had told them she "would live a long and healthy life."

He says she was on anti-seizure medication klonopin ever since an episode she had while filming '8 Mile' and also occasionally took Sarafem, a drug to help with pain and mood swings during menstrual periods. But she only added Robitussin to the mix in the days leading up to her death, to fight her flu-like symptoms.

"She was alive one minute and she was dead the next," adds Monjack. "I think when the dust will settle, the truth will come out... people will come to realize the genius of Brittany Murphy and come to regret the way they treated her while she was alive."

He says he is considering suing some British tabloids for claims that she abused drugs and calls them "outright fabrications."

Authorities are continuing to investigate her death but do not suspect foul play. The autopsy last month concluded her death was from natural causes, however, coroner's officials are now awaiting the results of toxicology and tissue tests to confirm their findings.

January 20, 2010 |

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