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Brittany Murphy's Father Sues LAPD To Re-Open Investigation Into Death

Not satisfied with the investigation that was undertaken, Brittany Murphy's father is suing Los Angeles Coroner's Office and the Los Angeles Police Department to force them to re-open the case into her death.

"Due to the lack of investigative efforts by the Los Angeles Police Department and the failure to conduct toxicology tests on the specimens," Angelo Bertolotti, Murphy's biological father, says he believes that "his daughter's death was incorrectly determined to have been allegedly caused by pneumonia and anemia."

Bertolotti says he doesn't believe the official report, which said the cause of her death was pneumonia, anemia and excessive use of prescription medications. And he would like to have his own tests conducted.

"Years after my daughter's untimely death, toxicology testing on her hair still has not been completed," he explains. "Office of the Los Angeles Coroner and the Los Angeles Police Department admitted that such tests were not done and refused to conduct them."

"At this point, I am asking the court to intervene and allow me to get the specimens independently tested. Brittany's hair and tissues were about to be destroyed, but I've paid to have them preserved, so that they could finally be examined."

"I'm not going to rest until my daughter's untimely demise is properly investigated, which hasn't happened so far. Her case deserves more than a superficial glance."

The suit comes less than a month after the actress' mother sued her former attorneys for malpractice, claiming they never advised her that it was within her right to sue the contractor of Murphy's home for wrongful death. She said the home had toxic mold which contributed to her daughter and Simon Monjack's, her son-in-law, death months later.

January 12, 2012 |

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