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Brett Ratner: 'Rush Hour 3' Gay Scene From Personal Experience

'Rush Hour 3' director Brett Ratner recently talked to 'Advocate' magazine. And had some rather interesting things to say.

He was asked why "being gay has increasingly become a punch line. It happens several times in this film." And he's asked about one scene in particular, when "a woman takes off her wig and Chris Tucker becomes angry and accuses her of being a man?".

Ratner: "No, no! That's from my personal experience. My first blow job was from a man, but I didn't know it was a man. That's where that comes from. It's based on personal experience. It happens to a lot of people."

Interviewer: Is that common knowledge?

Ratner: "No! Well, among my friends, but I'm not homophobic or uptight about it. That happens to a lot of heterosexuals. You meet a girl in a bar, and it turns out she's not a girl. I think a girl should tell you if she's a girl or a man--that way it's your preference. It's comedy. Look, in this movie we don't pull any punches."

"We make fun of black people. We make fun of Chinese people. We make fun of French people. We make fun of gay situations. We make fun of whites. It doesn't matter. It's the type of movie it is. It's a fish-out-of-water comedy. You have to have those types of situations to have the comedy. That specific idea was because it's happened to me."

Ratner: "It's happened to my friends. We'll get together with a girl, and it'll turn out to be a guy. The reaction is 'Oh, shit!' if you're not gay, which is funny, I think. Getting into the situation is funny. I laugh whenever I see one of my friends talking to a girl, and I'll ask, 'Is that a man or a woman?' It's funny, especially if you don't know about it. If you know about it, fine. If that's your preference…"

Interviewer: I never expected that answer.

Ratner: "I know! I know. I'm too good an interview. Did you expect me to challenge you?"

August 6, 2007 |

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