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Brandon On 'Survivor' Meltdown: 'My Family Loved It, We Were All Jumping'

Although there was no shortage of people questioning his mental state after he his meltdown on this week's 'Survivor', Brandon Hantz says his family loved his outburst.

"They loved it. We were all jumping up and down," he tells MSNBC. "Russell's proud of me... me and Russell's relationship has grown so much."

"He definitely respects me as a Survivor now. I'd like to compete against him. We're trying to make this happen."

Asked if that means the Hantz family isn't done with reality TV even if fans are tired of seeing them, Brandon replies: "No way. We are reality TV. We're like the Kardashians, but hotter."

"Honestly, I don't get anything. Other than the fact that I wouldn't want it to affect me not being able to play again. But everybody loves me as far as I know. I feel like Jeff Probst really does care about me and really was worried, but understands the point I was at that time in my life."

"He's a good guy. He was genuinely trying to be there for me, man. He was protecting me from myself ... Give me a break here, I had to deal with Phillip."

As for why CBS would want him back yet again, he explains: "It makes me believe it because I'm just me -- I'm real. CBS believes in me, I truly believe that."

"Jeff stressed he does care about me. Love's a strong word, and I think there's levels of it, I'm not saying the guy loves me like family, but he does care for me."

"I think they would need some proof that everything was OK. And I respect that, even though I know everything's fine. They'd definitely need some backing, but I think a lot of people on TV are crazier than me. That's what keeps you watching TV."

"There's no reason to be concerned whatsoever. I'm doing wonderful."

March 15, 2013 |

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